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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Movement

Our Story

The show Ginga Tropical is the materialization of Rose Oliveira’s master's thesis, who, besides being in love with folklore and the national Brazilian culture, acquired a personal know-how traveling around the world and realizing the marketing opportunity. The project took shape and has been on theatres for over five years representing, with gingado, proud and live music, each corner of the country to Brazilians and tourists.

The show takes a rhythmic tour through tupiniquins lands, passing through Parintins Festival, Lambada, Carimbó, Xaxado, Forró, Frevo, Maculelê, Capoeira, Dance of Orixás, Boleadeiras (RS), Bossa Nova, Samba de Gafieira, the worldwide known carnival and much more. Our artists lend their bodies, with integrity, so that everyone knows the happiness of the Brazilian people, overcoming stereotypes.

The Agency

Access Rio is a complete event agency focused on dynamic solutions for the most diverse national and international customer profiles. Our philosophy is to serve selected clients in a differentiated way, with highly qualified staff and commitment to outstanding results.

Created in the last half of 2011, Access absorbs the operation of Base Rio, producing agency of the Nick Festival in Brazil; Drake Bell show; the 80th anniversary of Christ the Redeemer; Multimarket Supermarkets, São João da Feira – The biggest festa junina of Rio de Janeiro; works as the agent of CaraForró band, which opened for Ivete Sangalo in São João Carioca and much more! Ginga Tropical is one of Access Rio's successful products and it has been on theatres for more than five years.


Meet The Team

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